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We are pleased to offer a look into some highlighted work of ours. A brief showcase of Music Mixing & Mastering in an early Studio Session, Commercial filming & Foley content for a short film.

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At Amplified Productions we offer high quality, made for TV ad creation or film.


We focus on an Omni-Vision experience for our client's audience. Creative ideas and fresh consep[ts are a part of our creative process. 


Whether the audio is for voice-over or full ad creation you can expect the very best from us. 


Whether you're looking to advertise on Youtube or TV we are able to create epic ads in fantastic turnaround time. 


Photography Services are also provided for You, Your Business, You're Events and or Employee portfolios. 
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Anthony Moya
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Audio Specialist, Film Maker, Photographer, 
Advertisement creator
& YouTuber 

An accomplished and talented professional with a comprehensive background in audio postproduction for film, recreating ambiance to dub film in another language, creating and editing Foley. Creates and edits film and audio postproduction sound, including YouTube content distribution. Creates, edits, mixes, and masters music, vocals. Advanced knowledge in audio editing and mixing techniques, audio postproduction, audio workstations, contemporary production techniques, fundamentals of music, and game audio postproduction. Establishes, cultivates, and manages productive relationships. Proficient with industry-leading music software such as Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Main Stage. Efficient in video editing with Final Cut Pro X. Thorough knowledge of both PC & Mac operating systems. Experience with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

• Leadership
• Performance-Focused
• Analytical
• Solution-Oriented
• Exemplary Communicator
• Committed to Excellence



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